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Our wild dining experience is situated just 15 minutes away from the stunning Daylesford organic farm. 

Almost 90% of the produce we use is seasonal, home grown and organic.


All of our meat comes from the farm or has been responsibly sourced from wild animals, herbs, garnishes and berries are foraged from the surrounding hedgerows and countryside.


At certain times of the year we also showcase the wonderful seafood that the West Wales coast has to offer, line caught mackerel, sea bass and edible crab go from boat to dinner plate in under 24 hours.



We have paired up with The Cotswold Distillery who pride themselves in only using local barley and traditional methods to produce some exceptional bespoke spirits.


Their signature gin uses 10x the average weight of botanicals compared to other premium gins.


Throughout our evening guests will enjoy 4 hand crafted cocktails paired with each course using only the finest ingredients and embellishments.

Cotswold Distillery


We pride ourselves in using local produce that hasn’t had to travel across Europe to get to you thus reducing our carbon footprint.


We serve many plant based dishes to cut back on environmental damage through eco-intensive meat production.


All fresh food items are hand selected and not pre packaged ensuring minimal waste, reusable glassware and cutlery are also used.

Our water supply comes mainly from a rain butt on site however there is fresh water for hand washing in the composting loos on site.

We are also doing our bit by becoming 85% energy efficient. Our lighting is solar powered and the heating for the evening will be a roaring fire pit and sheep’s wool blankets.